The Truth about Sexual Offending

Typically most people think about sex offenders as violent rapists or “snatch and grab” child molesters. In truth, only a small minority of sex offenders fit either of these media-driven stereotypes.

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10 Tips to Prevent Relapse after Sexual Addiction Treatment

One of the greatest concerns for anyone who’s gone through sexual addiction treatment – or treatment for any addiction for that matter – is having a relapse at some point in the future. It can be very discouraging – as well as demoralizing – to do so much hard work only to fall right back into old patterns of behavior.

The good news is that there are several things you can do to help prevent relapsing once you’ve complete your sexual addiction treatment program. Following are 10 helpful tips to significantly reduce your vulnerability:

1 – Learn healthy, effective ways to manage the stress in your life. Granted, this is always easier said than done, but it’s a crucial aspect of relapse prevention. You see, stress is a common trigger for every addiction. The more stress you’re under, the more likely you’ll be to seek an escape from it. For you, engaging in unhealthy sexual behavior is going to be the most tempting means of escape.

Although stress is unavoidable in life, there are many things you can do to manage it and reduce its emotional and physical impact. These include relaxation techniques (e.g. progressive relaxation, guided imagery, etc.), as well as yoga, tai chi, regular exercise, and meditation to name a few. Find at least one or two that you enjoy and do it regularly.

2 – Avoid falling back into old lifestyle patterns. One of the riskiest things any recovering addict can do is to fall back into old habits and patterns. Once you’ve completed treatment you’ll need to avoid the places you once used to find new sex partners. If you often went to night clubs, bars, or strip clubs, it’s important that you avoid them. Otherwise, the temptation you face may be difficult to resist. The same holds true for online adult chat rooms, other adult websites, watching or reading pornography, and anything else associated with your addiction. You worked too hard in your sexual addiction treatment to put yourself smack in the path of temptation. [Read more…]

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