Can You Improve Your Life By Quitting Porn? The ‘NoFap’ Movement Says Yes

Armando had recently broken up with his girlfriend when he discovered the ‘NoFap’ movement. As a self-confessed “casual” porn user, he was intrigued by the challenge and decided to give it a go for himself. Like a relapsing drug user, his first three attempts to ditch porn failed within a few days. But then he realized that the problem must run deeper, and has since remained porn-free for two months, and, after seeing benefits in his day-to-day life, is intent on quitting porn forever. This isn’t a neo-Christian group or anything of the sort – just ordinary young men who’ve decided that their lives would be better without pornography. [Read more…]

Welcome to the NoFAP Community

Known as “fapstronauts” (or “femstronauts” for the ladies), these are men and women who are taking a stand against their porn and masturbation addictions. They are people who have seen masturbation, or fapping, control their lives, steal their focus and productivity, and damage their sex lives. And now they want help.

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Tips for Overcoming Porn Addiction

Is there really such a thing as a “porn addiction”? The answer to this question really depends on which expert you ask. Currently, experts are still quite divided on this issue. Some argue that one can truly become addicted to pornography. They point out that, like other addictions, it affects the brain’s neurochemistry, a tolerance can develop, and the behavior can significantly interfere with one’s life in many ways. Others argue that while one may compulsively view porn, it’s not a real addiction.

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