What is Nymphonania?

Nymphomania is a female-specific term sometimes used to describe the unofficial mental disorder known by names that include compulsive sexual behavior, hypersexuality and sexual addiction. The male-specific term for the same condition is satyriasis. … [Continue reading]

Addiction to Internet Pornography

Pornography addiction and the internet have always been natural partners in crime. The internet provides the privacy that makes such an addiction possible, as well as the widespread availability and volume of content that may help to fuel … [Continue reading]

When is a Sex Addiction Real?

Some people cheat, juggle many lovers, have multiple relations and watch porn. Could it be just your desire for different appetites or are you a sexual addict? A sex addiction is defined as the inability to cease sexual behaviors even when it damages … [Continue reading]

Should Sexual Addiction Become a Legitimate Diagnosis?

By Robert Weiss, MSW, CSAT Is Sex Addiction Real? There will always be controversy – as there should be – when any form of inherently healthy human behavior such as eating, sleeping, or sex is clinically designated as pathological. And … [Continue reading]

Tips for Overcoming Porn Addiction

Is there really such a thing as a “porn addiction”? The answer to this question really depends on which expert you ask. Currently, experts are still quite divided on this issue. Some argue that one can truly become addicted to pornography. They … [Continue reading]

Paraphilias and Sex Addiction

In many cases, individuals with a sex addiction satisfy their cravings in what most people would consider “normal” sex, such as sexual intercourse or oral sex with a consenting partner. However, there are a significant number of sex addicts who … [Continue reading]

10 Tips to Prevent Relapse after Sexual Addiction Treatment

One of the greatest concerns for anyone who’s gone through sexual addiction treatment – or treatment for any addiction for that matter – is having a relapse at some point in the future. It can be very discouraging - as well as demoralizing – … [Continue reading]

6 Signs Your Partner Is Addicted to Porn

It’s very difficult to have a healthy relationship with an addict. This is especially true if your partner has an addiction to porn. A porn addiction interferes with a person’s ability to have a normal, healthy relationship. If your partner is … [Continue reading]

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