Sexting Increasingly Popular Among Young Adults

It’s amazing how much technology plays a role in human behavior. When it comes to relationships, the Internet and smart phones are now heavily involved in the day to day activities of you adults, including dating.

According to a recent news article, researchers at the University of Michigan evaluated sexting behaviors of both men and women between the ages of 18 and 24. While previous experts, and even media outlets, have labeled the act deviant, researchers found that out of the more than 3,000 participants, sexting appears to be increasingly common among young adults.

The act appears to be just another form of communication in today’s society, particularly among younger adults. This recent study involved young adults and examined their experience with sexting.

Of all the participants, half admitted they engaged in sexting. This included both sending and receiving and from study results researchers believe the activity is more common between people in a romantic relationship. To site the direct correspondence between sexting and risky sexual behaviors, study participants did not appear any more likely to have unprotected sex with their partners than people who aren’t sexting.

Technology can have a big impact on the human brain, including sexuality and health. It is more important than ever to take into account one’s accessibility to technology and how it affects them personally and affects others around them. Sexting, while seemingly harmless for some, can lead to more dangerous behavior and can become an addictive behavior when used in excess.

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