DSM 5: Understanding Exhibitionistic Disorder

Exhibitionistic disorder is a mental health condition that centers on a need to expose one’s genitals to other people (typically strangers caught off guard) in order to gain sexual satisfaction. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) classifies the condition within a larger group of illnesses called paraphilic disorders. All people with exhibitionistic disorder have a pattern of sexual conduct called exhibitionism; however, not all exhibitionists qualify for a diagnosis of exhibitionistic disorder. The specific criteria for such a diagnosis are contained in the new fifth edition of an APA reference guide called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. [Read more…]

DSM5: Understanding Fetishistic Disorder

Fetishistic disorder is a mental health condition that centers on the employment of inanimate objects as a source of sexual satisfaction or the fulfillment of sexual fantasies or urges. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which provides the basic roadmap for diagnosing mental illness in the US, includes this condition along with a group of illnesses called paraphilic disorders. The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, known in the mental health community by the abbreviation DSM 5, partially redefines the symptoms that qualify for a fetishistic disorder diagnosis. DSM 5 also differentiates between fetishistic disorder and fetishism, a pattern of sexual behavior that doesn’t necessarily qualify as a mental disorder. [Read more…]

Porn Addiction – Not Just a Man’s World

It has famously been written that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The way we communicate and how we think is completely different. These gender differences also translate into our sexuality. [Read more…]

Differences Between Sex Addiction and People Who Engage in Frequent Sex

Sex addiction, like compulsive gambling or dependence on substances, is real – and researchers are looking more closely than ever at who may be living with the complex disorder. They are seeking to understand how they compare to people who may engage in a great deal of sexual activity without the life-disrupting symptoms of the addiction. [Read more…]

Sexual Addiction May Fuel Codependent Relationships

Codependency and sexual addiction: it can occur in several destructive ways. One person in a relationship is codependent on the other, and chooses to ignore their sexual addiction. Another person with sexual addiction is codependent on others for a sense of security and acts out sexually due to the stress. [Read more…]

Sex Addiction and Enjoying Sex: Not the Same

The bare bones about sex addiction are straightforward. Sex addiction includes repeated actions that are connected to sex – including obsessive thoughts, obsessive use of pornography, and compulsive use of paid services or obsessive masturbation. [Read more…]

Children’s Exposure to Sex in Movies Linked to Risky Sexual Behavior

Movies have ratings for a reason. Some suggest there be parental guidance (PG) for young viewers while others restrict (R) those younger than 18 years of age. Violence, language, and sex are usually the reasons for movie ratings. Researchers at Dartmouth College recently conducted a study that validates the importance of parental guidance and awareness in movies their children are watching. [Read more…]

Sexting Increasingly Popular Among Young Adults

It’s amazing how much technology plays a role in human behavior. When it comes to relationships, the Internet and smart phones are now heavily involved in the day to day activities of you adults, including dating. [Read more…]

What is Nymphonania?

Nymphomania is a female-specific term sometimes used to describe the unofficial mental disorder known by names that include compulsive sexual behavior, hypersexuality and sexual addiction. The male-specific term for the same condition is satyriasis. Reference to a woman as a "nymphomaniac" or "nympho" has a negative connotation linked historically to attempts to control female sexual desire and women’s roles in society. In modern times, people still sometimes use these terms for more or less the same purposes. However, in reality, while women do develop sexual addictions, the problem appears more frequently in men.

[Read more…]

Addiction to Internet Pornography

Pornography addiction and the internet have always been natural partners in crime. The internet provides the privacy that makes such an addiction possible, as well as the widespread availability and volume of content that may help to fuel increasingly obsessive behavior. While pornographic imagery has been around since the beginnings of civilization, a recognition of pornography addiction is only recently beginning to make waves. [Read more…]

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