10 Things You Might Not Know About Hypersexuality and How to Cope

Did you know that millions of people are diagnosed with hypersexuality disorder in the United States? And do you realize that hypersexual behavior, or nymphomania, is often linked to mental illness? If not, don’t be surprised. It’s not like hypersexuality gets discussed around the dinner table.

Meanwhile, most schools don’t teach students how to cope with compulsive sexual urges. Parents think it’s an awkward conversation (because it is), and doctors have yet to explain the origins. So, how else are you supposed to find these ten facts?

What Does Hypersexual Mean?

Hypersexuality is a behavioral disorder with an unknown cause. However, many experts believe that abnormal sexual tendencies are the result of childhood trauma. And then some of us just want to get off all the time. We suffer nothing other than brief lulls in our love lives, which is enough to cause a negative reaction just the same.

That’s because hypersexual behavior deviates from the norm. It compels a person to seek sexual gratification regardless of the means, motive, or outcome. So, people with a hypersexual mindset often break boundaries and take dangerous risks with their bodies. And worst of all, they usually have trouble maintaining healthy relationships and a positive self-image.

Understanding nymphomania is important for that reason alone. But knowing how it affects your life can also help you cope in more acceptable ways. It’s time you took back control of your libido. And it all started with learning some fundamental facts first.

10 Facts About Hypersexuality

It’s still hard to find all the information you need on hypersexual people or their behaviors. So, if you’re one those people, dating and sex can be confusing. But it’s a little easier when you know the following facts.

#1. Scientists Don’t Know What Causes It

There is no single reason why someone becomes addicted to sex. Compulsions can be the result of everything from childhood trauma or pure curiosity. But those who become easily dependent on pleasure or leisure typically struggle with hypersexuality the most.

#2. You Can Become Obsessed with Sex at Any Age

Hypersexual behaviors can manifest regardless of how young or old a person is. That means you can develop a taste for the extreme even in your old age. However, most people with hypersexuality disorder are between 18 and 65 years old.

#3. Hypersexuality Doesn’t Make You a Bad Person

You’re not a terrible person because you enjoy having sex or masturbating all the time. But letting your obsession interfere with your career or relationships is a different story. So, don’t feel too bad about your perspective unless it compromises your personal or professional life.

#4. Having Orgasms Is Actually Good for Your Health

Scientists recently proved that having an orgasm benefits you in several ones. It lowers your cholesterol, boosts your mood, cures migraines, and can even reduce your risk of developing cancer. So, what’s the problem? It turns out, too much of a good thing can be bad. And excessive masturbation is now closely linked to erectile dysfunction.

#5. Masturbation Is Perfectly Natural in Moderation

Society no longer thinks masturbation is naughty. They simply believe it should be enjoyed in moderation and under certain circumstances. So, feeling the urge to play pocket pool isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means you have to learn boundaries and keep your partners in the loop.

#6. Hypersexual Compulsions Can Cause Serious Problems

Many people don’t realize the depth of depravity that nymphomania can cause. Some folks do things they regret immediately, while others experience delayed remorse for their actions. But worse than that, irresponsible sexual behavior can lead to severe injuries and infections if you’re not careful.

#7. You Have More Control Than You Think

An overly sexual mindset doesn’t have to rule your life. It’s actually a mental game, which means you can beat it (no pun intended). And if you find ways to distract yourself or cope with urges in a productive way, you might eventually accomplish something you never thought was possible.

#8. You Can Change the Stakes at Any Time

No rule says that a hypersexual person stays like that forever. And it also doesn’t matter how severe the compulsions are, nor how old the person is. Anyone can get help with nymphomania if they want it. Plus, you don’t always have to pay for therapy to learn healthier ways of coping with your obsession.

#9. Many Counselors Specialize in Sex Addiction Therapy

Counseling can be scary because it’s difficult to predict what might happen. And nobody wants to unpack their lives for scrutiny by a stranger. However, mental health therapy might be the best option for some people. That’s because hypersexuality may have an underlying cause or even a genetic component.

#10. Sex Toys May Help Some People Cope

Most people use sex toys recreationally, or they assume those devices are only for specific purposes. But high-quality pleasure products can help individuals satisfy their urges quietly, privately, and in a way they prefer. Plus, there are countless interactive sex toys designed specifically for extra horny honeys.

Society places a stigma on people with hypersexual behavior disorder. But that’s because hypersexuality can lead to dangerous or hurtful outcomes. So, meet the world somewhere in the middle between abstinence and promiscuity. And work on your coping mechanisms next.

Coping Tips for Hypersexual Obsessions

Do you remember how millions of people feel exactly like you do right now? That means you’re not alone. And it also means that plenty of people came before you (literally), and their lessons are here for you to learn.

Based on recent surveys, folks who felt obsessed about sex and masturbation used specific coping strategies to make themselves feel better. Meanwhile, the following tactics seem to be the most successful:

Masturbate at the Right Times

There’s a time and a place to play with yourself. So, know what it’s appropriate and when it’s not. And then try to jerk off before or after having sex to enjoy a double-whammy without making your partner feel inadequate.

TIP: Use a penis pump or clitoris pump to bring blood to the surface and increase your pleasure.

Work on Your Stamina

If you have sex or masturbate but get off quickly, it can make you chase the high even more. But if you boost your endurance through stamina training exercises, you’ll enjoy sex in a different way. And you might even provide more pleasure to your partner too.

TIP: Use delay sprays and stamina training devices to help reach your full potential.

Invite Your Partner to Choose

It’s crucial to know how your partner feels about all this sex. They may or may not want to participate. So, invite them to choose or let them watch instead. And if you’re feeling extra frisky, let your partner run the show with directions, restrictions, and rewards.

TIP: Integrate bondage play to help control impulses while still being erotic.

Use Enhanced Products

Better products produce better sex. And better sex produces greater satisfaction. Then greater satisfaction makes you less needy in the bedroom. So, buy high-end devices and interactive sex toys as often as you can. And then let them take you on a journey through fantasy land.

TIP: Always use a compatible lube to ensure maximum comfort and product safety.

Limit Your Exposure to Temptation

It can be hard to say no when temptation is always in your face. But living with sexual impulses is easier if you manage your environment. That means staying away from the things that turn you on while you can’t satisfy urges. Then reward yourself later for having such terrific self-control.

TIP: Set up a schedule for sex and then try to beat your last interval to increase resistance.

Wear a Chastity Device

Cock cages and female chastity devices can help people cope with hypersexuality in several ways. Not only does it prevent any kind of sexual satisfaction but it also teaches discipline. Plus, you can use some devices as part of your bondage play session for an extra level of kink.

TIP: Never wear a chastity device for too long because they can cause injury.

Keep Your Hands and Mind Busy

Distracting yourself with something other than sex is a great way to stop thinking about it. Just like thinking about sex is a great way to not think about anything else. So, try to keep yourself busy. And if you can’t, get ahold of a friend who can give you something better to do.

TIP: Develop some healthy habits that help you distract yourself from thoughts of sex.

If hypersexuality disrupts your life too much, don’t be afraid to get help from a mental health professional.